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Secretary, Kelley Campbell

Treasurer, Hoyt Rogers


Librarian ,Beth Pass

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In Memory of Howard Reagan

Howard Reagan

We have lost a very important part of our club. The last several years no one has attended more club functions nor put in more hours than Howard Reagan. As our club has developed and grown so did Howard. His importance to us was represented at his memorial service by a large portion of our club among over 200 total attendees. At this celebration of Howard's life he was often described as smart but quiet. Yet with us he was outgoing, friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to work. He was heard to say more than once that the interaction with our club members as well as the teaching functions he did at festivals, fairs and numerous schools provided him the motivation and enthusiasm he needed while working to become a Master Beekeeper. In the state of Georgia there are millions of people with college degrees but only 33 Master Beekeepers. Another reason we considered Howard to be special.

Hoyt  Bill and new student Student
Hoyt shows off his woodworking skills A new member wins big at Beekeeping School Students learn how to graft new queens in the Queen Rearing class