FBC Members Library


Library Circulation Guidelines:

  • How many items can I check out?
  • You may have up to 3 items on loan at any time.

  • How long can I have items checked out?
  • Items must be returned by the following monthly meeting. So, typically this will be 30 days. 
    Extraction equipment must be returned, clean, within 5 days.

  • How can I renew items?
  • You may email the librarian to request your rental be held for an additional month. This request may also be given to the librarian at the meeting. Only one (1) renewal will be granted, for a total check out period not to exceed approximately 60 days, or 2 meetings.

  • How can I place an item on hold?
  • You may email the librarian to request a hold on an available item. The librarian will bring the book to the next meeting for checkout. You may also meet with the librarian at the meeting to check out available materials.

  • It's overdue - how much do I owe?
  • Each item will accrue a late fee of $0.20 per day, for a maximum of $6.00 per month. This fee will begin after the second meeting (60 days) which is the maximum renewal time.

  • I've lost my item - how much do I owe?
  • The replacement cost will be researched at the time of the notice.

  • What about electronic/online materials?
  • There are no check out policies on the online materials available. Please feel free to use those resources as much or as little as you would like.


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Librarian :Lilly Turpin